Hotel business In The UK

The hotel business is covering lots of capital and earning each year. Because everyone loves to travel to view the beauty of the UK. They love to live in the world-class hotel. Guests can book the hotel using online websites which are freely accessible for the tourists.

England is a country where still no democracy system. The Queen is still running the Country the Age of the queen is 87 years, but still, she is alive and she has a sharp mind that’s why she is still the queen of the country.

Reham Khan the last wife of Imran Khan is in England. She completed early education in England she took Primary and Secondary classes in England school. Then she moves to the College where she received higher education. She was too much talented and beautiful from childhood.

That’s why she moved towards where she works as a reporter in a news channel. Where got all the publicity that why Imran Khan chose her as a wife. But their marriage was unsuccessful due to many reasons. That’s why now she lives in England and she comes to Pakistan for a short interval of the time.

Imran Khan is a very honest Person he is the only person in Pakistan who is sincere and working for the sake of Pakistan nation. But the Public of Pakistan calls him as England agent. They think Imran Khan is getting money from England to destabilise Pakistan. But they are wrong Imran Khan is the very legitimate leader.

He will work for the public of Pakistan that’s why he wants to become the prime minister of Pakistan. Because he wants to bring back the money of Pakistan people who are now in the Swiss bank. Zardari and Nawaz Sharif looted the money and they kept this money in outside of Pakistan. Where no one can reach easily.

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