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Finding a home to rent in Dubai

Finding a home to rent in Dubai is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as an expat in the UAE. It doesn’t matter if you’re new in Dubai or a seasoned expatriate, it’s always sensible to make sure you’re clued-up with the processes of renting a property in Dubai.

Especially when some regulations and laws can change from time to time. So to help you be fully prepared for finding somewhere to rent in Dubai, here are 6 helpful pieces of advice to set you off in the right direction – and fully prepared!

1. Work with an agent
There is a lot of property listing sites in Dubai and the UAE, but finding a great agent who you know and trust can help to make the whole process much smoother.

There are thousands upon thousands of apartments and villas to rent in Dubai listed on the Internet by numerous agents, so it is understandably a little overwhelming to navigate. Many are often left feeling frustrated and, and thinking like they’re never going to find their dream villa or apartment in Dubai.

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Because of this – it is far better to find an agent that gives you confidence that they understand your needs. Share with them a list of your ‘must-have’s and ‘would-be-nice-to-haves’, and even your ‘must-not’ so you can give them a realistic expectation of what you’re looking for. Plus, be honest about your budget.

2. Arrange multiple viewings
There’s no denying there are some great properties in Dubai – and then there are the bad ones. Be prepared to view more than one property at a time, which will provide you with an opportunity to check out the area and the different types of properties that are available in that community or apartment building.

After all, a 4M type villa might be better suited for your likes and needs than a 4E tye – for example. So make sure to ask lots of questions, give the agent your honest feedback and be open to suggestions too.

3. Once decided, make an offer
When you’ve found the right apartment or villa in Dubai, it’s important to act and make an offer quickly. Dubai’s real estate market is extremely fast-paced, often with tenants finding their next place in less than 24 hours of it being listed. If you’re 100% sure that you want the property, make an offer and make sure to carry your chequebook.

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