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Cancer treatment is Pakistan Hospital

Cancer treatment has become very easy after the innovation of Shaukat Khanum Cancer treatment Hospital. Imran Khan leader of Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf is putting lots of efforts to remover this problem from Pakistan society. Most of the Pakistan people are unable to go for the treatment. Now doctors also have a bright future. They can apply to Shaukat Khanum Hospital showing their degrees.

Animal Hospital where people bring their pets for treatment. But in Peshawar and old man treated like doctors treat pets in Animal Hospital. In Peshawar, most of the people were gathered to see the incident. Where two groups were fighting for each other.

An Old man who was doing bad with the kid according to the people who were gathering theirs. The driver of the car who rolls the car over an old man without any investigation. This old treated like an Animal Hospital patient. In Pakistan, Poor people don’t have much right they work for 12 hours a day.

But they don’t get much payment for working the whole day. Because they are uneducated people they don’t complete the basic education due to many reasons. They don’t go to school because of Poverty. Many people in Pakistan who are talented but they get a chance to get the highest degree.

They also work in Animal Hospital as a peon. Because they don’t have a higher education degree that’s why they are happy to have a government job in Animal Hospital. They go to the Animal Hospital early in the morning and they work there for 12 hours.

In many countries of the world, a person can’t do a job more than 8 hours into days. But in Pakistan, you have to work for 12 hours a day that will get some amount which you can invest in the family.

But they don’t get much payment for serving the complete day. Because they are illiterate people they don’t perform basic learning due to many reasons. They don’t go to the academy because of a shortage of assets. Many bodies in Pakistan who are skilled but they get a possibility to get the essential degree.

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